Are there any lock in contracts?

We have no lock in contracts.

Is there a limit on the amount of devices on a single account?

There is no limit to the amount of devices you can track within a single account.

Do you ship outside of Australia?

We currently sell to customers in Australia only. However, our trackers will work in certain other countries with the correct setup.
Email us using the contact page.

Can I use my own SIM card?

Sorry, all our devices come configured to work with our pre installed SIMS.

Will your GPS trackers fit my vehicle, asset or pet?

We have a variety of solutions for most tracking needs. Please refer to the product page for tracker specifics but please contact us if you have any further questions.

How often do locations update?

Please refer to each product page specifics of each device.

How does a GPS Tracking device work?

Our GPS trackers receive location information from satellites, mobile network towers and also wifi networks, and then relay that information to our GPS tracking server via the mobile network.

How much does GPS Tracking cost?

Our GPS trackers cost either $49 or $59depending on the model, with a monthly subscription of $9 per device and $13 for the car OBD tracker due to the high data usage.

Why is there a subscription?
All our trackers use the 4G mobile network incurring connection and data charges.

How do I setup my tracker subscription?

When you receive your tracker, all you need to do is type in the last 4 digits of the tracker ID into the activate tracker section of the website. Once the subscription is activated, you will see the tracker in the tracking portal. If you have any problems during the process, please contact support. Please note whilst SIM cards usually activate within 1hr, in some cases SIM activation can take up to 24hrs. Please ensure tracker is moving in the first 24hrs, if you haven’t received any location updates after 24hrs please contact support.